… All You Need is Just a Little Push

It affects you, they said.
And you just want to know if there is a way to escape it.
It makes you shivering terribly, and you hate that.

Who told you to run back and forth without plan, anyway?
You have no idea.
Then why, something needs to change?

Thoughts could be so cruel.
And people are trying to hard to find similarities within each other.
Well, what’s the cure for dependency?

Kepada Bob yang Harus Berbahagia

Halo Bob!

Aku masih di awan belakangan ini. Apa kau tahu caranya mendarat perlahan tanpa kehilangan apa-apa? Aku lambat, Bob. Berbanding terbalik dengan segalanya. Mereka terlalu cepat. Orang-orang, rencana-rencana, dan masa depan. Semua seperti sedang berkejaran dengan waktu, untuk menentukan siapa yang lebih dulu mencapai masa depan. Dan aku, selalu saja berharap bisa menemukan istirahat yang tenang dalam jeda antara tawa dan kata-katamu. Continue reading “Kepada Bob yang Harus Berbahagia”

Add Your Location!


Have you ever, wanted to go to a city because you found pictures like this and wondering how that city feels like?


Not because what you heard about their special dishes, or the traditional cultures, or natural tourism spots, but because of these things its people wrote on the wall. Doesn’t it make you curious do you seriously can taste the character of the city in its air that you breathe once you got there?


Or am I just a bad customer for tourism ad, because my reason to visit any city is just that I wanted to see things people write on the walls about what their personal feeling? Not beaches with white sand, or symmetrical architectures, or breath taking scenery.

Remember, Always

Last Monday, two women came through the door, said that they are looking for their cat. My mother answered that she saw the cat was around a few days ago. They said their cat always comes to our place because he is in love with our cat, they even have a baby together. Only one kitten, which I find odd since I never see Mommy Cat with only one baby kittens. Well, that explains how demanding and spoiled that baby kitten is.

Anyway, after they went home, my mother told me about their sister. She is the prettiest of them, but something bad happened to her when she was younger. So they have to take care of their sister since the accident while worrying about the cat who likes to spend time in their neighbor’s house.

Their sister, the pretty one, was raped by nine men (her own damn friends) when she was younger, and she got sick for a few months after that. By the time she recovered, something changed. She started to act like a little girl, talk in a really childish way, and so cheerful it’s insane. But she hated man after that, like she is disgusted by them, but not in such an angry way. She became so childish and cute to be able to appear like she’s angry towards male human being.

Continue reading “Remember, Always”