Sorry Nubes, I Can’t Float—or Fly

I discovered a word about two or three months ago, Nubivagant. It’s adjective in English (according to that famous but origin in Latin. It means, moving among clouds. Nubes means cloud, and vagant is wandering. Words are amazing.

When I read the meaning, I suddenly think about floating in the sky, hit my face against the clouds. If I get thirsty, I would just swallow the clouds and floating again. I also think about blow the clouds and gather them at one spot in the sky, for no reason. Like, cleaning the sky or something like that. Sounds like a nice way to get out boredom.

But, then, gravity slaps me hard on the face. No clouds make the slap less painful. I can’t fly, or float in the sky. I got my feet glued to the ground, obediently.

So to cheer the clouds up there—and myself mostly—I take a picture of clouds when I remember to. I mean, the wind changes the cloud so fast, so, to remember some shape, we have to capture it—and blog about it.

Now, they can Change in Peace (CIP), know that they will be missed long after they’re gone.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

See? This one is so ready for a change. Imagine if I lose three minutes, we will never know that there is this kind of shape.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

I think this one is too cute to pass. So, I hold my next step towards my friend’s house to take this one. I really wish I could move among it.


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