How to Handle Your Violent 5 Years Old Cousin with a Coloring Pencil

I have five years old cousin, his name is Indra. Like any other kid who watch TV and Ultraman, he is a little bit violent. Jumping all around the house, punching at something in the air and making his own violent sound effect. I bet, somewhere in his mind, he fights an evil monster that could destroy the world.

When I have nothing to do when he does his violet dance, I watch him (but look away before he notices, he will stop if we catch him punch the air). Thinking, how on earth a monster could fit in my house, only in a single room? That’s how you know how big imagination could be, an evil monster (also invisible) inside my house. Indra must feel so bad-ass for fight that thing inside my living room.

But we all have those times, when all we need and want is a very calm afternoon at home, probably watch some comedy show or a cartoon while eat your favorite cotton candy or cookie and drink a cup of tea. But can you have a relaxing afternoon of there is invisible monster in your living room? No, you can’t.

You are the monster if you want Indra to stop being a bad-ass superhero.You’re being a monster if you stop his imagination. Because for a 5 years old boy, that’s all he has. You can be a monster, but you don’t want to. At least not that day. So, you have to find a smart solution, to make him stay still.

Coloring pencil and blank pages.

He can use his imagination for something less violent, change the monster into something in bright color on a paper. You can watch TV without seeing him kicking the walls. Everyone is happy.

The comedy show is not funny, and Indra went home already. So, I decided to spend the rest of that afternoon to sit at my porch, looking at his drawings. This is the first one that look less messy than the others, the first one with a clear shape.

Processed with VSCO with lv01 preset
Is that a boy with no pants on and the wind makes his hair move to the right side of his face?
Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

I wonder if this could be his 5 years old wise-ness that might be useful if we can figure out this unreadable quote.

It’s a tips. Kind of fun. Worth to try.


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