Yes, That’s All

They say, if something keep make you feel bad about yourself, you need to run away from it.

When you have to be in that condition where you keep making excuses for yourself, they say you need to realize your worth, to find yourself happiness. They say, because everyone deserves it. Because you have your life right now, for you to live it, they say.

Life to the fullest, and for that matter, you always need to be happy.

Life is a gift, and you have it for the rest of your life. When there are gifts, it means you are celebrating something. I don’t really know what exactly we’re celebrating here, but we got our gift every single day. A whole package, either it’s bless or curse, we have mystery amount of time to figure it out. Maybe God, celebrating Himself for every power He has over everything we can understand and everything that remains unknown. And for that celebration, He needs gifts to make it official and maybe, fun. So He gives it to everyone and everything.

It would be very sad party if He is happy for Himself, by Himself.

I believe that Life is a gift. I put it this way: there are millions chance for my parents never meet each other. I mean, my Dad can stay in his hometown, work as a farmer and then marry someone from his village, then they would have a lot of strong children because they help him work in his rice field ever since they’re 5 years old. Or, my Mom end up marry with someone else, that not as smart as my Dad, then they would have a children who like to yell at her because they’re stupid children with empty brains. I, and my sister, and my two brothers would never have the chance to feel how it feels to share the same food and love in one little place, we called home.

But they did meet each other, and I got to keep my gift.

So, about find your happiness and leave all things that keep you away from it. Honestly, I don’t know anything. I have a feeling that the last three months, I am attending a class with another gift standing in front of it, teach me things or two about this lesson. I know I have a classmate here somewhere, but we’re busy with our own test to figure what else could go wrong to find our way out of here with the answer or conclusion in our hand. Because, you know, another lesson is waiting ahead.

That’s all I can say.


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