Share Your World 2016 – Week 3

What is your favorite piece of art? (it doesn’t have to be famous)

It’s a portrait of Kierkegaard, drew by his second cousin, Niels Christian Kierkegaard.


What made you smile today?

I haven’t smile today, yet.

Which place do you recommend as a Must-See? Please state which country, state or providence.

I think I’m going to recommend Bara, Beach. It’s a beach in Bulukumba, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Bira is the famous beach from the same area. In fact Bara is actually shares the same shore with Bira. You can find Bara when you walk to the right side of Bira, and there you can find the same qualities that Bira has, with less people and no boat parks on the shoreline.

It’s so quiet and relaxing.

The best part is, we still can sleep in our tent in Bara. We can go there, find a spot we like, and put our tent there and sleep under the stars if you like. In Bira, you have to sleep in hotel or inn—and no place for a tent because too many small shops and public bathroom, also parking lot. But, it would be trouble if you need to take a bath in Bara, there is no public shower there. So, you either clean up with the sea water or, not at all.

My friend, I, and Bara in one picture.

Complete this sentence: When I was younger I used to….

…like to dance in the rain.

Bonus question:  What are you grateful for from last week, and what are you looking forward to in the week coming up?

Last week is as usual, and I grateful for that. What am I looking forward to next week? Well, just the usual things.


2 thoughts on “Share Your World 2016 – Week 3

    1. The one I remember the most is the one we did in one afternoon, around Baruga. We had our umbrella, but didn’t use it at all, we just run and laugh under the rain. Oh, I miss being silly with you.


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