Why I Want to Share My World?

I found this challenge in a blog that I follow. I read the post and, the questions are just funny. So, I look for the information about this challenge and found out this challenge is started by Cee Neuner.

I scrolled through the oldest questions and some of them really are interesting. And I read about what it takes to participate, and those are really simple steps. I had no hard time to decide to follow the blog and started to answer the question for this week.

Because I join this week, I already on week 3 of this year challenge. But, I’m planning to answer for the two weeks that I missed. I mean, it’s not that much to do so, and it’s still January too, and it’s okay to do that, right?

The main reason I join this is, because by answering these questions, it keeps me write. You know, sometimes you really want to write but ideas and imagination is leaving you somewhere you can’t catch. So, you just stare at the screen to write few sentences just to keep delete more. By joining this, at least I have something to write for every week. This kind of chance is too good to pass.

Sharing is caring, isn’t it? But… what kind of care in this “All about My World” share thing? Well, ah, whatever.


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