Share Your World 2016 – Week 4

What one thing are you really glad you did yesterday?

I wake up early than I usually do, and in result, I did more things than I did on other days.

Are you generally focused on today or tomorrow?

During the day, I’m more focused on today. The other way, I more focused on tomorrow when the day is about to end.

Would you want a guardian angel/mentor? What would they tell you right now?

No, because they will interrupt anything and everything I am trying to do with that excuses: “I know better than you” for the Mentor, and “all I am trying to do here is protect you”, said the Guardian Angel.

So yes, I pass that.

Would you rather live in a cave house or a dome house made out of glass? (photos of the houses found on google search)

Dome house, but not entirely made out of glass. Only on the top of it. So I can watch the stars before I go to sleep and the one that will wake me up in the morning is the Sun.


But, I want it to float in the sea.




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