Letter to My Ex’s New Girlfriend

Dear My Ex’s New Girlfriend,

First of all, I don’t hate you. So, this isn’t a hate letter. You can read this in peace.

I never tried to find you. This all began when you tag him in a picture and Facebook kindly ‘told’ me about it. Then another day, it’s another date. I see your selfie again, with him. And, finally, it’s him making it official. He posted his drawing of yours. Like Katy Perry song, I guess I no longer his muse. If he removed that tattoo too, I would sing “The One that Got Away” next time I’m going to karaoke.

Well, it’s not just you who got to celebrate something.

Girlfriend, I think your makeup is a bit too much. It’s true, I’m not a make-up expert, or trying to tell you about how much of stuff you should put on your face, not at all. It just came cross my mind, when I saw your thick-and-way-too-dark eyebrow and bright red lipstick for the first time—that he didn’t like makeup. He used to make fun of those girls with eyebrows like yours, and I would laugh with him.

But, I guess he likes yours.

Girlfriend, I’m not jealous. There is nothing on you I could jealous of. I won’t get jealous of someone who wears running shoes with leopard print pants. Also, a little tip for you: wear cropped tee with high-waist pants or skirt because you can’t show your belly since you wear hijab, and showing your undershirt is never okay.

Whatever, I’m here not to talking about your personal taste in fashion.

I’m not jealous, not at all. Instead, you showed me how much he changed—maybe you just show the world his true color. And that way, you make sure of everything that I was curious about. You help me found the answer why it was so hard to stay. And things have never been clearer before. Thanks to you, Girlfriend.

The hardest part of know about your existence is, you finally make me realize, how much I tried. Sadly, how much he tried too. You make it clear of what I was missing back then, and the answers are not pretty at all.

So, does this letter mean that I still care?

Care as I did when we were sitting in the park in the morning, talked about random things? No, for sure. I only care for the fact that I learn so much along the way. I care that through what I had with him, I free myself from the most naïve thing about love I once believe in. And that would be the best thing we all could give to each other: a lesson.

Then, this is all I wanted to say. Thank you for showing up in my timeline—I never thought I could learn about love-life through my ex’s girlfriend’s selfie. Take care, Girlfriend!

Wish you a long-lasting relationship!


Best regards,



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