Littlest Things that Take Us Here


It feels so nice that we have a word for that.

I love to write, I enjoy it. Writing is a personal process. One subject can be talked about over and over again, people share things. Everyone can read, make an opinion and take sides later on. People might share ideas through conversation and other media, but writing is always something that you do by accessing your own knowledge, memories, and feelings. Release those thoughts into words. And those things are there inside your head, so you’re the only one who can get them out.

People and other things will help you construct the idea, but the rest is yours.

I like small things. Yes I believe, to realize how lucky we are for the opportunity to experience life, we need to see the Universe in a big scale, in Universe’s way to expanding. But to appreciate that is to see small things around us, these little things that hold everything together, from our body to our sanity. Because the expanding Universe is meant to be explored, it challenges us to go further, to invent everything we need to find out more. What we found would help us realize that we’re such a small dots in something so big. Such a privileged to be a small dot, I’d never been happier to know the fact that I’m just a small dot.

Little things help us to feel happy to be dot too, but in a different way.

The Universe is a little bit pushy, that’s how these little things complete us. When the size of the Universe makes us feel so small and questioned, “am I really here?”, these little things answer us aggressively, “yes you are”. Or, “does it all even real?”, their answer will always be the same, “yes”. Watching them in every form they are; flowers, pencil colors, dust on the top of wardrobe, dirty laundry on the floor, opened book beside bed, half glass of hot chocolate in living room, window’s ornament blow by the wind, those lines on the sand made by the waves, and everything-else-I-would-spend-a-whole-month-mentioning, would remind us of our very existence. A t least, it does for me.

This belief, of course, will form the way I see things, therefore shape my writings.

So, found out about this word really help me see this desire to write about these trivial things around differently. My writing that (sometimes) I see as unimportant thing to read, turn into my attempt to make one or thousand adoxograph writings. People can enjoy, when I decided to share them, but even when it’s too boring to anyone at least I do myself a favor to satisfy myself this way. Free myself, because like Lord Byron said, “If I don’t write to empty my mind, I go mad”. So, since little things is all I see, they occupy a massive space inside my head. Fair enough. And about the beauty that required in adoxography, I’m not sure I can pull it, though. But I don’t want to restrict that “beautiful writing” means beautiful words because that would be a poetry, wouldn’t it? So, “beautiful writing” must be bigger than rhyme or poetic words.

 I really adore our innocence as a human being to give a name to everything, it’s a beautiful habit.


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