Damn, I Skip Sleep

I found a theory about an hour ago:

Sometimes, you read not to find another ideas, or to add new smart words to your vocabulary. Sometimes, you read just to make sure what you just wrote wouldn’t make you sounds like an idiot. Sometimes, trying to relate to another similar thoughts is the way to validate your own opinion.

Well, not that when you write you’re trying to be smart-ass and act like you’re smarter than everyone else. But just to make sure, you’re not another participant in another Opinion War online just to prove how advanced you are in stupidity.

But of course, after three or six pieces, only then you would realize how stupid you are.

Maybe that’s why, those successful people tell us to be confident and brave, to stand out. Because if every time you’re thinking about how stupid you are, you’re not going anywhere. So, they give you a “permission” to feel free to be stupid with their motivational quotes just so you can, at least be “somewhere”, or “something”.


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