Few Weeks After Birthday

Getting an intense wake up calls (although you’re not sleeping) from your friends before and after birthday, is what you need when you are 24.

Actually, I don’t like birthdays, because it’s an awkward day. On my last birthday, my friend asked me, “why don’t you celebrate today by yourself like you always did?”. And I answered, “because you came here so early in the morning. You are the one who wake me up, and it’s kinda ruining my plan for today”. I said that to the person who brought me a birthday gift, a shoes I’ve been wanting for months. Sometimes, I am that stupid on being between rude and honest.

See, birthday is awkward.

So anyway, I am 24, on documents. My ID said so. To be honest, it feels weird.

It feels so weird that I had this anxiety as my birhday come closer. Not panic, or worry, just uncomfortable. I mean, I never been this old before, obviously. So I guess, in getting older, you just kinda figure out things by yourself. But I am lucky this time. I have friends I can talk to about this silly uncomfortable feeling of being 24. She was 24, 4 years ago. And she told me things that makes my 24 feels less scary.

So far, being 24 is good, and I enjoy it—that stupid anxiety is gone for long now. I just have to adjust to this little thing about it: my friends who I used to be silly with are starting to talk about adult stuff. And somehow, it’s funny. I can’t help but laugh when I was in car with my two girlfriends whose one of them are the one who played in the rain with me about three years ago when both of us actually got an umbrella to avoid being wet said, “we need to start thinking about our future, we need to have something to settle on”, we were talking about job and career that night. And I told her, “I can’t believe I am having this conversation with you”. And my other friend on the back seat said, “but seriously, we can’t just playing around anymore”.

I laughed, but agree indeed. About the future part though, about playing around, I think I still need it someway. My friends are too much, sometimes.

There are many conversation about being adult I had lately, before and after birthday. But the wierd-est one came from Mom when out of the blue she asked about her possible-future- son-in-law. That she brought up in the middle of a phone call, between other topics you’d rather to talk about than that one, few minutes after she said, “happy birthday”. “So, when will you introduce anyone to me and Dad?”, “Is there someone who’s in serious relationship with you now?”, “are you still with that guy (mentioning your ex that you unfriend from facebook)?”. Different question, but looking for the same answer.

And your favorite answer is, “when you and Dad are ready to have a son in law with tattoos, then we talk”. Not that you have something with tattooed man or that tattoo is required, but you know she just can’t easily accept that. So, when you answer with that statement, she can only laugh, and said, “there is someone with no tattoos out there”. And the next answer to get out of that conversation with Mom is, “but I only like guy with tattoos”.

Another laugh from Mom, and we move to the next topic.

But wait, if it’s weird for you to get that question from your Mom, how weird it is for her realizing her daughter who used to running around with underwear around the house asking for a bottle of milk, is now can be asked about that kind of questions?

I told you, birthday is awkward.


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