It was a long road, but it’s the road we all know too well. It captured the silence we shared along the way. And the wait that we compromise, but deeply unacceptable.


We are just too similar to disagree, too much that we respect each other’s in a way that perfectly comfortable in our sense only.


And people in between only help us remember how much we need less approval.


I learn in everything that you left unsaid. You taught me things, by saying so little. Way too little that every words from you remains like a heavy stone in a river on  a warm April.


I love how questions are rare in our conversation when there are so much I can talk to you about.


You let me be, and for that I think you are the coolest. I put your name in song that sounds like you because you are the coolest. You are the coolest, so stay that way and we’ll be good.


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