Action speaks louder, some says.

And some actions are just a cause of some “ouch” moments. Realizing that you are in an “ouch” moment requires a wise mind and attitude towards it. Or else, you are about to make a hasty decision.

One thing happened after another, and before the final part finally arrived at the table, it seems blurry and insignificant. But when it finally does, everything started to make sense. You can finally put it all together and see the whole picture. It’s ugly, always been (unfortunately). Their stupid excuses became too funny that you can’t even laugh at it. What you read became absolute and those dead guys’ words are never been clearer this much before.

Action speaks louder.

It’s about priority, and even when they say nothing at all, there is a judgment for every option they turn down. They don’t need to say the words verbally because there are more ways to say the same thing in silence between the choices they make to make it obvious. And as Kierkegaard said, our life always expresses the result of our dominant thoughts. So, maybe they are not thinking of you as a bad apple, but they’re just not thinking of you at all. And that, my friend, is the mother of all the reason for some answers to set you a free fall to a conclusion.

The conclusion could be anything, but it came from the same core: YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Their choice is showing the dominant thoughts inside their head, not every little thing in there of course, but good enough to point out the truth: you did not make it when they sort out their priority.

There should be an action after every fixed conclusion, for those who love challenge, probably will follow the lead of those who getting a satisfaction in prove everyone wrong by doing more to impress. And for some, just keep doing what they do and be who they are without necessarily bothered by other people wordless opinion. And also maybe, reset their own priorities and start a day with different adventurous-feeling tomorrow.

Sometimes I wish people never found out how to lie.


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