So, Stop All the Wars Now, Please

We are now living in the most exciting time. Soon, some of our Astronaut will be on Mars. Everyone seems like they have their own truth about life, and we keep discuss about it in smart method or ugly spar.

The world is now opening itself, for more space for us, or at least that’s how I feel. I live with myths that the generation of my Grandma created, and now one by one, slowly but sure, those myths find explanation. And I can tell you, it is so damn liberating. There are so many “no”s changed to “yes”. Chances are bigger, and time is getting friendlier.

We can be whatever we want to be, and the boundaries are getting smaller.

In the right place, you found acceptance. And somehow, won’t feel like a stranger anymore. People built communities, where those with the same interest and perspective, or trauma stay together to show that there are always ways to learn something from each other, that it is possible to survive.

If something happened, and we have no idea about it, soon someone would tell us. Then solutions come from anywhere. We can reach anything on the other side of the world, to send help, to show that we are care, and willing to, not directly but somehow there through these new ways.

We are sick of so many impossible standards, we hate it when someone feel less of a person just because majority says they are not good enough. So we let people do their own things, be whatever they want, not what they should be. Even when we are not sure who we are, we give people reasons not to hide. Even when we are tired of ourselves, we are willing to be part or something for bigger purpose.

We let people stand for what they believe in, take their own side and life with their own choice. Lot of us fight for other people’s lives, because we know how that they are treated differently because of what they are born without. Try to understand to be on people’s shoes, judge less. Being so brave to do what’s necessary. Clean up the mess that others left behind, and take the responsibility just because it is the right thing to do.

It makes you believe in something for the future. That perhaps, somewhere far from now, the result of our action will be something useful. That we will pass on meaningful things, not just damage of what we destroy. That everything we teach and show people, or the way we live our life, will give something for humanity.

I know this feeling won’t last. When days are getting hard, things aren’t went as planned. Or another threat is haunting again. Or people die in ugly ways in war zone, and it still won’t stop. Family separated. Loved ones getting hurt in a way you never see it coming.

But, it is here now.



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