About Writing Challenge

I did this kind of thing before, but then as any writing challenge I did before (like thisthis, this, and this), it never finished. At some point when I felt guilty about going halfway so many times, I even told myself, “I don’t need any writing challenge to keep on writing, because I do it anyway whether there is challenge or not”. It sounds like excuse, but I don’t feel that way at all, I don’t think I used it to justify my lack of motivation.

I am thinking about starting a new one, joined in the community that doing it. And it is all over the WordPress Reader tab. There are so many of them, you can choose anything.

Just when I think I found the right challenge and about to write the first one, that memories come back. About how many times I stop before a week or so. I asked myself why is it so hard to follow any challenge and really put myself into it. Is it because I need to write for 30 days non-stop? No. Is it because some days I don’t feel like writing and the other day I write too more, so the consistency is not there? No. So, what is it?

It was three days ago, when I tried to doing a challenge again, and found the answer; the reason I never finished any writing challenge that I thought was interesting at the beginning. It is because those writing challenge I found, asking me to write personal stuff in which I don’t feel comfortable doing so. Yeah of course, I write personal stuff, I wouldn’t make myself a personal blog if I don’t do such things. But it is different.

All these writing challenge is a challenge to keep you writing, which is a good thing. But it is just a list about what you should write like, “list things that make you happy”, “your first kiss”, “about the person you are n love with”, and so on. And I think, that’s all crap.

Those are the questions for Vlogger with a Youtube channel or celebrity, things to ask to satisfied the Reader or Watcher’s curiosity. I don’t think it does anything for the one who writes about it. Why in the world someone wants to know who’s the first guy I kissed? And if you remember your first kiss, I am sure there nothing pretty to tell about it. I write trivial things, I do. But “write a 100 facts about me” is just another level of triviality that I don’t need, and I am pretty sure no one wants to know one fact about me, let alone 100 of them.

I am not saying those are useless things to write but for me, it does. I would love to read someone’s “five ways to win your heart” writing. I just don’t see it coming from me. I don’t feel comfortable at all doing it, sharing my best childhood memories, or what kind of trauma I have and what I do to heal myself from it. It is just too much for nothing. Even when I start this Share Your World challenge, that writing contains so many doubts in it, no wonder I only did it for three weeks before forgot about it completely.

Those writing challenge only challenge your consistency, but doesn’t do much for imagination. It doesn’t even show your passion. Perhaps, I am the one who failed to see it another way. But really, why we should “write about your first crush”? I honestly think, if there is a writing challenge, it should be challenge your imagination, like this one. I think you don’t need explanation, because I think you already figure out where I am going with it.


So, perhaps I should start this one. Maybe. But for now, I upload this just so you can see my point.

So yeah, maybe.


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