Itulah kenapa langit selalu terasa seperti kemungkinan yang tidak habis-habis. Di sana, segala pertanyaan dan jawaban lahir di tempat yang sama. Di bawah sini, setiap pertanyaan akan membawa kita pada banyak jawaban dan kemungkinan yang saling berantai. Satu hal menyebabkan hal lainnya terjadi, dalam penjelasan yang bisa sederhana namun dalam pengertian yang rumit.

Dan kita akan selalu meromatisasi hal-hal asing yang tidak kita kenal baik.


Things Like That

You read so you know you are not alone, I saw that once. And the more specific my keywords are, the more I’m sure that sentence is true. I am not the only one with those thoughts, I have many soul-mind-mate out there, and we are reaching out one another with all these ways. I like that.

Sometimes, I think about those people when I read their words. What kind of life they’re living? Is the experience that leads them to the writing I read is similar to mine or if not, why does it lead us to the same realization? Things like that. And I can’t help but imagine for the possible answers. It gives me this dilemma kind of feeling; like I want to know them, but I don’t want to know them.

Tonight, perhaps with some mood that midnight rain brings, my mind are going somewhere else this time with those thoughts.

Well, if you read so you know you are not alone, what are you trying to find out by writing?

And I found this.


Even when I don’t know what I am doing with mine.

So You Say

2017-12-23 011764629285..jpg

Hope’s a thing so easily outgrown.
I’d shuffle off these mortal chains.

Still, it’s nobody’s problem.
Nobody’s problem.
It’s nobody’s problem but my own.

It’s not like me to be unkind, just no surprise if love is blind.

Still, it’s nobody’s problem.

Nobody’s Problem — Jens Kuross